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Domestic Projects:

·  Autonomous Thermal Power Plant of Shaanxi Fertilizer Plant: phase 1: 1×25MW+1×260t/h


·  Tongliao Coal Chemical Industry Project in Inner Mongolia


·  Guohua Hulunbei’er Energy Project in Inner Mongolia2×600MW Units Start

Boiler Room


·  Huaneng Haimen Power Plant Phase: 2×1000MW Units Startup Boiler Room


·  Yanchang Petroleum Chemical Industrial Park Power Plant:2×50MW Turbo Generator  Equipped with 3×410 ton/year High Temperature and High Pressure Boiler


Overseas Projects:

· Tierra del Fuego Chemical Industry Project 1×6B Combined-cycle Gas Turbine Project in Argentina


·  PLTG Medan 1×120 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant: Step-up Station in Indonesia (including equipment delivery and design)

·  Chile GASATACAMA 2×135MW Generating Units Project (cooperate with China IPPR Engineering Corporation )


·  Sudan 4×5MW Diesel Engine Project (cooperate with CMEC)


·  Niger 2×100MW Oil-fired Boiler Generating Units (cooperate with CCESCC)


· Ecuador 7×20170KW Diesel Generator Units (cooperate with Xi'an International Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.)

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